Surrey Mortgage Broker

There are a number of Mortgage Broker in Surrey! However, which one to choose might be a tricky matter! So, you are finally determined to buy that house you have been eyeing for some time.

Good! Let me guess. You know which house suits your taste and criteria, but if you’re here, you are probably in a little dilemma about where to get that Mortgage you need.

Now, you could find a wide range of professionals that deal in the matter, and when there are a number of places that are all good, it can get a little challenging to finalize which one you should choose.

Moreover, we understand how important it is to arrange the finances and documents correctly to have a hassle-free experience while buying your property.

For many of you out there, the entire process of getting a mortgage or even going through the process of buying a house with correct documentation could be something you’re doing for the first time.

So, understandably, it can get a little tricky while trying to fixate upon which mortgage broker would understand your needs and requirements the best and provide options that suit your demands!

Now, we’ve got a list of some of the top mortgage brokers in Canada, but before we dive into it, let’s look at it.

What is the role of a Mortgage Broker in Surrey?

To put it in simple words, a mortgage broker is more like a bridge. Just like you need a mortgage, there is someone who is willing to provide a mortgage! Nice! Right?

The problem, however, is that although there exists a borrower as well as a lender, they do not know each other. A mortgage broker is the one who fills in this gap.

A mortgage broker is a man or the institution that brings the mortgage borrower and the mortgage lender together. A mortgage broker also helps in finding out the best deal for the mortgage borrower that suits their own requirements and criteria.

Besides that, a mortgage broker also arranges all the documents that you would need to apply for a mortgage, thus saving you significant amounts of time and energy.

Although it was not possible to accommodate all of them, We’ve brought a list of:

Ten of the best top-rated mortgage brokers in Canada:

Asim Ali Mortgage team

Based out of Surrey, Canada, the Asim Ali Mortgage Team is a great place to go with your Mortgage related queries! The testimonials on their website speak volumes about how Mr. Asim Ali has succeeded in offering the best products.

That suit the criteria of his clients! You will find a range of services, including borrowed down payment, private lending, mortgages for self-employed, and much more!

Dreyer Group Mortgage Brokers

There are some that do not need much introduction! If you go to the website of Dreyer Group, you will find a long list of professional mortgage brokers that have been in the industry for a substantial period of time.

“We know which strategy is going to save you money.” – is what they say! One of the top 10 mortgage brokers in Surrey, BC, for a reason!

Quicker Mortgage

For people looking for mortgage brokers, specifically in Surrey, Quicker Mortgage could be a perfect option for them. Quicker Mortgage is another Mortgage broker that makes it to the top ten list.

Quicker Mortgage has an experienced team of super-confident and experienced brokers that are dedicated to properly catering to your needs.

They hear out their clients well and offer products that are absolutely suitable for their clients in their given circumstances. They definitely are one of the best Mortgage Brokers in Surrey!

Ian Vowles

Ian Vowles is a Canadian Mortgage Expert who is specialized in listening to his client’s needs, and only after assessing their entire financial situation does he provide an outline of all the necessary documents that you’ll need to apply for the Mortgage. Not only that.

He also does the negotiation on your behalf with the lender! Amazing! Right? Thus, he is capable of finding you a mortgage that will best suit your needs!

Trust Mortgage

Well, choosing a mortgage broker that does a great job and is also trustworthy is an essential factor to take into consideration. Dilmohan Aneja, the man behind Truwest Mortgage, is a skilled professional who has spent a substantial amount of time in the industry.

Based out of Surrey, BC, Mr. Dilmohan Aneja is known well for his work of securing mortgages for purchases and also first-time home-buyers.

Ingram Mortgage team

Ingram Mortgage team is a top-notch mortgage broker that serves clients in Surrey, Langley, and the Lower Mainland. You’ll get expert advice and constant supervision with regard to the process of getting the Mortgage.

They provide comprehensive services, including Mortgage for purchase, mortgage refinancing, mortgage renewal, home-buyers program, and many more.

Trish Pritchard

Getting a mortgage could be a stressful task, but it does not need to be, this is what Trish Pritchard believes! She is an independent mortgage brokerage expert operating out of her home office in Clayton village, located in Surrey, BC.

Having been in the industry for about two decades, she is well-acquainted with the know-how of mortgages and how they work.

Loan Box

Among the top mortgage brokers in Surrey, Loan Box definitely finds itself a place! Their specialties range from private mortgages, and construction financing, to first-time buyer mortgages.

They provide excellent services in the mortgage industry. You’ll find excellent guidance and a hassle-free experience in the44 process of buying your property!

Kraft Mortgage Brokers

Kraft Mortgage Brokers are based out of Surrey and have been in business for about a decade. They specialize in home purchase mortgages alongside providing a number of other services.

For people who are aiming to buy their first property, this could be a great option.

Alpha Mortgage house corporation

The last one on the list of top ten mortgage lenders in Surrey is Alpha Mortgage House Corporation. Alpha Mortgage deals with some of the best financial institutions, including banks, credit unions, and trust companies.

This means that they can offer a wide range of mortgage options for you to choose from if you decide to get your Mortgage through them.

Well, now you have a list of the top ten surrey mortgage broker. Go ahead and choose the one that you feel will be the right option for you! Remember! It is your house. Choose the correct mortgage option that will be beneficial for you in the long run.

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