If a person possesses a bad or says low credit then chances are quite high that your mortgage application may get rejected. Plus, if the bad credit is accompanied by a low income or higher levels of debt then it shall become a case of rejection. Here, we shall be discussing bad credit mortgages.

Though you can still try for the mortgage while having bad credit. But in such a case, you would have to pay for the higher interest rates. in addition to it, you shall be required to submit the larger deposit. Interestingly the few lenders also provide a mortgage to people having poor credit.

List of Tips for getting your mortgage approved with the bad credit: –

  • Knowledge of the other types of loans: – when you fail to get a conventional mortgage then make sure you know about other options too. You can look for a government-insured loan. Even people are soughing for the FHA loans too. This allows the lender to accept a credit score as low as the 580 with a 3.5 percent down payment. The only thing that may disinterest you is the rule of mortgage insurance.
  • Increase the lender’s trust in you: – nothing technical here but this does wonder. Make your lender believe that you are a responsible borrower and who shall pay on time. you need to assure the lender about the bills and credit card payments on due time.
  • Regularly updating the credit score: – keeping a regular eye on the credit score is necessary. Keep it up to date with the right information timely. If anything requires rectification, then inform the lender about the same.
  • Mention the relevant financial difficulties: – in case you have suffered from job loss, or a serious medical condition then adding it to your credit report is necessary. It shall allow the lender to ponder over your application positively.
  • Possessing a guarantor: – they do come as a savior for the applicant. In general, the guarantor is usually from the family only. The guarantor may pay back on your behalf when the need arises. You can make the lender assure that your guarantor will do the payment on their behalf.
  • Make sure to save the down payment to a minimum of 10%: – doing this shall assure the lender that the applicant is less risky. It keeps the lender’s interest alive in the applicant.


A bad credit score doesn’t mean that you could not get your desire. The right kind of management and right tactics are all you want. Your credit history is a just single small picture of your financial stability. You can still approve the mortgage loan with the lowest mortgage rates.

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