Currently, the mortgage rates have seen a steep fall and also there has been a major impact of the coronavirus. Plus, the other reasons include poor credit, insufficient income, or excessive debt to income. So, getting your mortgage approved is not always easy.

Hence, the google searches are filled with mortgage brokers near me. A broker is a person who helps the borrowers to connect with the lenders and find the best offer according to the borrower’s financial situation and interest rate needs.

As per the statistics around one in five mortgage applications gets rejected. Hence, here we shall be discussing the methods through which your mortgage loan gets accepted without any hassle.

Important Mortgage Tips

  • Finding an appropriate cosigner; – is a person who takes full responsibility for paying back the loan, along with the borrower. In general, the co-signer is the family member of the person who is taking a loan. In case the borrower doesn’t pay or misses out on any payments then the co-signer is liable to pay the pending amount. Hence, co-signer value is highly regarded. Their income is also included in affordability calculations. The bank does accept the co-signer’s income. Therefore, make sure to find a co-signer that possesses a good employment history, has a stable income source, and good credit history.
  • Keeping an eye on credit score: – A credit score of a person is a reflection of his/her financial status. Through this only you could access the loans and credit cards easily. A lender based on the credit score of people decides whether to give a loan or not and determines the terms of the loan too. Hence, reducing your debt is necessary and savings must be increased. Eventually aiming for 30% credit utilization or less is also important.
  • Management of the credit cards: – make sure you do the timely payment for increasing your score. Follow the credit utilization which shows the percentage of the borrower’s available credit that has been utilized.
  • The right debt-to-income ratio: – the banks are always interested in knowing the person’s debt-to-income ratio. This is the total monthly household debt about the monthly income. An appropriate percentage is 40% of the debt-to-income ratio. To rectify it limit the spending, pay debts on time, and increase the income source.
  • Asking the lender for the exception: – you may even ask the lender to send your file to another company for a second opinion. This you can do in case of the rejected loan application too. An exception does occur when the person does fall outside’s lender’s guidelines but the lender moves forward with the approval.


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